What’s The Difference Between A5 and A6 Jotters?

What's The Difference Between A5 and A6 Jotters

Jotters are great party souvenirs and also an effective marketing tool, whether it’s for a client or business. Many companies use them as promotional gift items and marketing gift items with their services, product, and their contact information printed onto them, creating a strong connection between the business and the prospective client.

A lot of our customers always ask us what’s the difference between A5 and A6 jotters whenever we show them our catalogue. Well, there are many different sizes of jotters however, the most common among them is A6 and A5 sized jotters. Many people have been left wondering about this, as they don’t know the difference, or why there even is a difference between these two products. Well, this post will clear the confusion and clearly state the difference between a5 and a6 jotter.

A5 and A6 jotters are both pocket sized notebooks that can be used for writing on or as a sketchbook but different sizes. However, the A5 jotter is bigger because it is two times the size of an A6 jotter. This means you will get two A6 jotters in an A5 jotter.

If you are wondering the difference between A5 and A6 jotters and how big A5 jotter is or how big A6 jotter is, check out their sizes below:

  • A5 size jotters are approx. 8.3 x 5.8 in inches, 210 x 148 in millimeter, and 21.082 x 14.732 in centimeter.

    A5 Jotter Size in Inches

  • While the A6 size jotters are approx. 5.8 x 4.1 in inches, 148 x 105 in millimeter, and 14.732 x 10.414 in centimeter.

    A6 Jotter Size in Inches

A5 vs A6 Jotter, Which Should You Go For

Although they are of different sizes, the A5 and A6 jotters can both be printed on with a full-color process and are effective as a party souvenir or promotional item. Because of its smaller size, the A6 jotter size is more budget-friendly compared to the A5 size.

If budget is not an issue, the A5 jotter size would be a wiser choice because the A5 jotter is two times bigger and has more writing space to jot notes than the A6. A5 jotters are generally known as the standard because of their popularity and it is the most preferred choice.

If you are looking for something that has more writing space then go for branded a5 notepads A5 size jotter but if you want something even more pocket sized and affordable go for the A6 size jotter. The main difference between these two products is their size, not their quality so feel free to choose either.

Are the Paper Quality of A5 and A6 Jotter The Same?

Some of our customers asking what’s the difference between A5 and A6 jotters are also concerned about the quality of the material we use, but we always make it clear that the primary difference between the A5 and A6 jotters is their size, not paper quality.

If not specified otherwise by the client, both of these jotters are printed with the same quality material so they can provide great writing surfaces that can handle most ballpoint pens without smudging or bleeding through for most pens. They also work well with pencils, highlighters pens crayons, or markers.

Want To Print Something?

For the softcover jotter regardless of the size, we make use of 70gsm woodfree white paper that is printed with ruled lines for the inner sheets and 300gsm thick card which can be printed with either your pictures, logo, quotes, name, or even promotional message for the jotter cover before binding them with wire-o binding wires.

How Many Pages Does the A5 and A6 Jotter have?

By default, our A6 and A5 jotters are 50 inner sheets which make a total of 100 pages front and back but can be adjusted as per our clients’ preference. The pages can go higher or lower as per your preference.

It’s important to note that only the front page of every sheet is printed and the backing page is plain. So, 50 ruled pages and 50 plain pages.

Is the A5 and A6 Jotter Binding Style Different?

By default, our softcover and hardcover jotters are bound the same way. It doesn’t matter if it’s A5 or A6, both sizes are bonded using wire-o wires to secure the pages within the jotter. This is the most common way to bind paper, and it’s very sturdy. However, there are also other ways that the jotters can be bound, such as saddle-stitched or glued – but these options are only available on request.

What’s the Price Difference Between A5 and A6 Jotter?

As the size of the A5 and A6 jotters are different so does the price. A5 size jotter is obviously more expensive than A6 jotter because everything we use for the A5 jotters is double what we use for A6 jotters.

Logically, the price of an A5 jotter should be double the size of an A6 size jotter. But at accuxel we do not exactly charge double, instead, we charge about 80-85% extra on the A6 size for the A5 size depending on quantity. This price of A5 or A6 size depends on many factors such as the number of colors, cover type binding type, etc.

Please reach out to us and we will give you the best price offer for your jotters printing.