Custom Banner Printing

Custom banner printing is your strategic partner to showcase your products or information about your business. They are the ideal advertising material to help your business blow its whistle in your office, locations outside your store, or at a trade show.

Compared to their poster counterpart, custom banners are printed on vinyl materials that are renown for being rugged and tough all year round in any weather, some people call them “flex banners”, and just like the name; they are truly flexible and guaranteed to not only bring out the beauty of what you offer but to also last you through heavy indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to our high-quality and vibrant printing methods.

We continuously strive to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our customers, and this is why we have banner design templates ready to go and varieties of banner types for different occasions, we also have super flexible banner sizes for you to choose from while maintaining our premium-quality regardless of the job specification.

So, if you have been looking for a trusted and reliable printing company that will not compromise on printing quality to handle your vinyl banner printing and flex banner printing for either the promotion of something at an event or for marketing in general, you are sure at the right place.

We have just about the banner for everything like event banners (festive, birthdays, parties, grand opening, reunions, etc.), business banners (real estate, trade shows, exhibition, retail, restaurant, company, automotive, etc.), special banners (billboard, breakaway, vinyl mesh, pole, etc.), and interest group banners (military, church, school, sports, holiday, etc.). Simply look through the options below to find your preferred banner type and proceed with your order.

It’s also important to mention that our flex banner printing is lightweight and highly water-resistant, which means the custom banners are waterproof and cannot be damaged by water regardless of how much water gets on them, all you need to do is simply clean and pat it dry.

And although there are several other promotion and marketing materials, however, custom vinyl banner printing is hard to miss because of their sizes. It doesn’t matter where you hang them they always scream for attention because we design the banners with conversion in mind and print banners with high-quality material and sharp printing.


It’s Easy to Set up Your Custom Flex Banner Anywhere.

Talk about ease of use, our custom banners can be hung anywhere. Paired with reinforced edges and grommets, they can be hanged outside your shop to display your services to potential customers or hanged on a fence to attract the attention of passersby. They are also brilliant at making it easy for your booth to be located at trade shows, exhibitions, and events. No matter where you use them, banners are a surefire way to drive attention to anything.


Our Custom Vinyl Banners are reusable

Is your trade show or your exhibition a recurring event and needs a promotional item you can continuously reuse? Due to the material and print type, our vinyl banners and roll-up banners are your best best. They can be easily installed and take off for storage anytime you need them. This is why they’re one of the most popular promotional tools because you get your money’s worth with several years of use.


Our Custom Banner Printing is highly customizable to meet your requirements

Depending on the usage, we have several banner types for suitable occasions. We also have in-house graphic designers that will work hand-in-hand with you to get your banner designed professionally even if you don’t have a design yet.

There is no size limit, we can work with you on any banner size. It also doesn’t matter where you want to use them, we have the option of grommet ringing at any side of your choice that makes it easy to hang your banner anywhere you want to.

For easy setups, we can also add pole pockets.

Why We Are Your Best Bet

We know there are several other printing companies but below are some of the reasons why we are your best bet in getting your job done.

Quality Guarantee Always
Quality Guarantee Always

It’s simple, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied either. We’ll work together with you and reprint your order if needed – guaranteed.

Best Reasonable Prices
Best Reasonable Prices

Accuxel offers high-quality jobs that go head to head with international standards at the industry’s best prices while using only the highest quality materials and equipment.

What You See is What You Get
What You See is What You Get.

We have qualified creative designers that make sure whatever design is sent to you for approval is exactly what will be printed. Size, color, quality will be as you approved it.

Same-Day Print Delivery Options
Same-Day Delivery Options

Because we are well equipped with creatives and high-end equipment, we have the capacity and capability to deliver your job on short notice.

Clients Reviews

Subomi Ogunyomi
Subomi Ogunyomi
September 9, 2021.
I came across this brand on google while searching for a good graphic designer that can make good, quality jotter at an affordable price and Accuxel Prints came through for me
Ridwan Damilola Abdulkadir (Damyte)
Ridwan Damilola Abdulkadir (Damyte)
September 3, 2021.
Olamide Horlarmide
Olamide Horlarmide
July 1, 2021.
Yusuf Aminat
Yusuf Aminat
June 21, 2021.
Olasunkanmi Matthew
Olasunkanmi Matthew
June 17, 2021.
Accuxel always over delivered on all the printing works I have done with them. Very professional in dealing with customers
bilqis idiaro
bilqis idiaro
June 17, 2021.
unique basemall
unique basemall
June 17, 2021.
Thank you Accuxel for putting in effort in our designs, we are glad to come across your brand. I wish I can rate then 10 star if possible.
Collins Akinloye
Collins Akinloye
June 17, 2021.
Oloyede Oluwadamola
Oloyede Oluwadamola
June 14, 2021.
One of the best printing press in Ilorin if not the best self. I really love the custom made wine paper bags. Very clean, exact size and shiny looking
Kofoworola Stores
Kofoworola Stores
April 20, 2021.
We have a new product we just launched and targeting the Nigerian market. So, I did some few research about where to get good quality product packaging printing done and came across accuxel. Their services was really nice, and responded on time when I chatted them on whatsapp. The best of all is that we were on a deadline and they keep to time, because we were in a hurry I thought we should just go with a basic design but they insisted and gave me the best design which I love by the way and customers appreciate our product more because of the packaging accuxel did for us. I’m very satisfied customer writing this and I will definitely reach out to them again for continuous packaging jobs and if any of my friends need their product packaged.

Custom Banner Printing Price List

Banner Size in Feet (ft) Banner Price (₦)
2ft x 1ft ₦500.00
2ft x 2ft ₦1,000.00
2ft x 3ft ₦1,500.00
3ft x 3ft ₦2,000.00
3ft x 4ft ₦2,500.00
2ft x 4ft ₦1,800.00
2ft x 5ft ₦2,300.00
3ft x 5ft ₦3,000.00
3ft x 6ft ₦3,500.00
3ft x 7ft ₦4,000.00
5ft x 8ft ₦7,000.00
10ft x 3ft ₦5,500.00
10ft x 8ft ₦14,000.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our custom banner printing is near you than you think. Delivery typically takes 2-3 days after design approval.

Please go ahead and fill the form above with your order requirements and we will get in touch with you with estimated delivery time.

Our custom banner sizes are measured in feet and priced in feet.

We understand that you might have your design or measurement in other units like centimeters or inches but you can click here to convert your measurement to feet

Sure we can make your design and artworks appear on both the front and the back of your banners.

Yes we can, please click here to upload and send us your design in High Quality format as either: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Ai or Cdr

Absolutely, you can order as many banner quantities as you want. We are always ready and capable to handle your demands

Also known as ring. Grommets are eyelets we place at the edges/corners of banners so a rope or cable can pass through it without damage. This makes it easy to hang them.

Yes they will if you select the grommet option also known as rings while filling your order form.

Yes you can print your logo, product pictures, as well as any picture you want on the banner.

As a business owner, you need to make use of every available promotional and marketing opportunity to boost your business.

Banner size ultimately depends on what it's to be used for.

However below are some popular choices amongst our customers.

The popular sizes for medium sized vinyl banners are:

  • 2 x 1ft
  • 2 x 2ft
  • 3 x 3ft
  • 2 x 3ft
  • 3 x 4ft
  • 2 x 4ft

The common sizes for large flex banners are:

  • 2 x 5ft
  • 3 x 5ft
  • 3 x 6ft
  • 3 x 7ft
  • 5 x 8ft
  • 10 x 3ft
  • 10 x 8ft

Got any troubles deciding on size? Please reach out to us and let's help you out

Definitely we can, we have in-house professional graphic designers with wizard like creativity that will blow your mind.

Simply send your information and specification to us via here and we will get in touch with you within 3hrs

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