Get Custom Notepads and Jotter Design with Quality Printing

Have an event coming up and want your party to remain the talk of the town and your guests?

Custom printed notepads are amongst the best souvenirs you can distribute at your event to make sure people appreciate and keep talking about your occasion. Custom Notepads printing and jotters printing are the perfect party souvenir because you can customize whatever you want printed on them like pictures, message, quotes, logo, and people will keep taking it with them whenever they are going to important places where they will need to write down something. Or even when at their various homes and need to quickly make a list, to note some happenings, or run an errand.

The beauty of this souvenir jotter is that every single time your guest uses them, they keep seeing your beautiful wedding pictures, birthday pictures, birthday wishes, graduation pictures, favorite quotes, convocation pictures or even your custom messages, or brand logo which keeps the memory of you fresh in their mind.

Are you a Business owner or you run a Company?

Custom notepads printing are great printed promotional items to publicize your brand, create awareness and promote your business to your prospective clientele.

Custom company jotter design and printing is a very thoughtful gift items that not only looks corporate, it also serves as a small banner that carries your brand logo and your promotional message wherever it’s taken to.

Branded notepads will continue displaying your business name, logo and your promotional message which will help keep your business at the top of your clients mind for days, weeks, months and years because of their durability and vividness.

What better way to kill two bird with one stone?

  1. Reward your customers with custom jotter printing as a gift. Giving a current or prospective clients a custom printed jotter as a gift will leave a positive impression, make them feel appreciated and bring out positive vibes. This souvenir jotters also makes them remembers you and help keep them as a long time customer because they feel appreciated.
  2. Do you know that most recipients of your souvenir notepads will visit several places where your prospective clients could be? So, what better ways to promote your company and further push your name out to more prospects for less

Why We Are Your Best Bet

We know there are several other printing companies but below are some of the reasons why we are your best bet in getting your job done.

Quality Guarantee Always
Quality Guarantee Always

It’s simple, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied either. We’ll work together with you and reprint your order if needed – guaranteed.

Best Reasonable Prices
Best Reasonable Prices

Accuxel offers high-quality jobs that go head to head with international standards at the industry’s best prices while using only the highest quality materials and equipment.

What You See is What You Get
What You See is What You Get.

We have qualified creative designers that make sure whatever design is sent to you for approval is exactly what will be printed. Size, color, quality will be as you approved it.

Same-Day Print Delivery Options
Same-Day Delivery Options

Because we are well equipped with creatives and high-end equipment, we have the capacity and capability to deliver your job on short notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Notepads and jotter delivery takes within 3-5 days after design approval.

Definitely, after communicating type and choice of design with desired finishing, we will send you the jotter design mockup in jpeg format for review.

Definitely, you can request for a custom backing cover material aside from the defaults specified.

Absolutely, you can order as many quantities as you want. We are always ready and capable to handle your demands

Absolutely, we can print on both front and back of the jotter inner sheets. Just select the option when placing your order.

Yes, bulk jotter printing attracts massive discounts. The larger your order quantity, the less you spend per notepad.

If having troubles, please contact us

Yes, we do have several jotter design templates we can send to you to choose from.

Please contact us to see them

Definitely, if you already have a jotter design you have made, please feel free to upload while placing your order.

Yes, our custom notepad and jotters printing are available in several sizes.

Although standard sizes are: A6, A5, A4. However, we can customize a unique size based on your needs.

lease contact us for more information