Product Infographics Design For Mikro-H20

Hello, I’m Akin. I was approached by a recurring plant and garden company that wanted to showcase the effectiveness of their new product “Mikro-H20” – a plant drought relief product that brings dead or almost dead plants back to life. The challenge was to create an infographic design that would effectively communicate the benefits of the product in an attractive and engaging way.

The client was very helpful with providing as much detail as possible about the product which helped me in my research. So, I started by researching the target audience and studying the product’s features and benefits. They then created a series of sketches and drafts to conceptualize the design, making sure to highlight the product’s unique selling points. The final design was a clean and modern infographic that used a combination of before and after images, typography, and color to tell the story of the product.

The design was broken down into 4 major sections, each highlighting a different aspect of the product.

  • The background which shows us what a lawn without the product looks like and what a lawn with the product looks like.
  • The introductory headline highlights the product name and uses
  • A bold image of the product between two contrasting with and without lawn
  • Then a catchy call to action

The Mikro-H20 infographic design was well received by the client and was used in various marketing materials, their product website, and social media posts, including their amazon and Walmart listing. The infographic design effectively communicated the benefits of the product and helped the company to increase its brand awareness and sales.

Product Infographics Design For Mikro-H20 1
Product Infographics Design For Mikro-H20 2
Product Infographics Design For Mikro-H20 3

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