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Custom printed paper bags shouldn’t be what’s holding back your business branding and marketing strategy. Custom printed Kraft paper bags are the ideal items for promoting your business because branded Paper Bags attracts high paying clients to your brand.

How do you think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace were able to project their brand as a luxury brand? It’s all in the way their products are packaged and presented in a custom printed bags with logo to customers. Although it also has a lot to do with the quality of their products, but majority of their marketing is in their packaging and branding, after all what’s the essence of a good product with poor presentation? The way your product is presented is the way potential clients and customers perceive it from afar.



Less they say is more, that’s the case for our A5 sized bags, as it’s popular among Boutiques and Lingerie lines.

  • Sized at 6″ x 8″ x 3″ (inch)
  • Printed with 250gsm card stock,

this is the right choice if you are looking for something small and portable to package small product items like boxers, singlet, ties, panties, cufflinks, or gift items like mini A6 notepad, pens, flash drives, hard disk, key holders etc.



You can’t go wrong with our budget friendly A4 sized bags.

  • Sized at 8″ X 11″ X 3.5″ (inch)
  • Printed with 250gsm card stock,

it’s versatility is renown among SMEs for their business branding/marketing without leaving out events and ceremonies. click the order button below to begin your order process so we can design and customize one to your taste.



Sometimes, small and medium isn’t enough to promote, market and package your business and this is why we have the Large A3 Sized bags to power you in a big way, without missing out repping your brand. We also understand some events require bigger bags to carry the distributed goodies.

  • Sized at 11″ X 16″ X 4″ (inch)
  • Printed with 250gsm card stock,

you can be rest assured of a premium packaged items.

Customized paper bags with logos are not only for businesses, they are also a great gift items for ceremonies, events and parties.

You’ve planned all the several items to be shared on your occasions like Custom Printed Notepads, Customized Printed Mugs, Custom Printed Pens etc. but have you ever thought about how to present all of this without overwhelming your attendees? Trust me everyone loves gift but no one likes to carry too much load even gifts. So, instead of giving them one after the other, clustering everywhere, and burdening your attendees, why not just package every gift items in a printed paperbag designed and customized for your event, then present the goody bag to the attendees?

Sounds great and premium right? Yeah! we though as much, you don’t have to be like everyone else.

Your event needs to stand out because being unique is the only way to be memorable. Think about what anyone that sees people leaving your event carrying their Goodies Bag would think about you, the event and the organizers? Yeah! lots of respect.


Custom Printed Paper Bag Samples

To get your own budget friendly branded paper bags for your business or event is as easy as walking. Although designs, changes and options always VARY, which is why we believe it’s best you get in touch with us so we can communicate and discuss about the nature of your job, its designs, quantity, and delivery date, so there will be an agreement and no misunderstanding.

Thank you.

Do you have your artwork or a preferred paper bag design that you want us to work with and print for you? That’s okay, send us a message by clicking the send a message button, fill the requested information and attach the design file.

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